WordPress and Ubuntu at Linux Day 2015 in Dueville

Linux Day 2015

On Saturday 24th October 2015 in Italy there will be an event spread all over the country. It’s called Linux Day and many no-profit organizations, mostly Linux User Groups, organize talks and activities in their cities. The event is sponsorized by Italian Linux Society, that defines an argument for the event every year.


The theme for the Linux Day 2015 is freestyle. Obviously, Linux Day is an event that revolves around Free and Open Source Software. Freestyle means:

Everything that makes Free Software what it is.

Free Software is not only software. It’s documentation, translations, bug reports, but most of all people. People are the very hearth of Free Software: they spend time giving what they own – i.e. time, culture, patience – to other people, they put in place all their knowledge even if they aren’t developers. This is freestyle.

Linux Day 2015 in Dueville

As you may know, I’m in charge as President of 2viLUG, the Dueville GNU/Linux User Group. I’ll be attending Linux Day 2015 in Dueville with two talks about WordPress and Ubuntu, specifically the convergence.


This talk will be very focused on freestyle. WordPress is among the better examples of Free Software made possible by a lot of people all over the world that give what they know for this project, for free. Do you know how many themes are there on wordpress.org? And what about plugins? Those are all free, but what you see is people creating pieces of software. What’s behind? Translators, graphic designers, users that report bugs in software or simply leave a review.

Ubuntu Convergence

Ubuntu is growing and expanding in a lot of different markets. You can find it in desktops, but also tablets, smartphones, TVs (well, sort of…), in the cloud, in drones…everywhere! What we’ll soon see is what is called convergence: an unique codebase to make Ubuntu work on different devices, just like responsive websites do. You can connect your smartphone to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor and you automatically switch from Ubuntu Phone to Ubuntu Desktop, all of it running in your smartphone. Amazing, and it’s here!

My brother Luca and me will be talking about this revolutionary approach.


Of course I’m late with the slides for the talks, but I’ll publish them next week, so stay tuned!

CC BY-SA 4.0 WordPress and Ubuntu at Linux Day 2015 in Dueville by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Web Designer freelance, Ubuntu Member, Linux evangelist. Loves working on clear and minimal designs and wants to create beautiful things for different devices.

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