Windows: How to Solve Application Error 0xc0000142 and 0xc0000005

Windows Application Error

Windows applications sometimes fail to load. But why? It’ll not tell you, it will instead show a generic and pointless “Application Error” message. Inside this message you will read something like this:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

The only thing you can do here is close the application and search on the Internet for that cryptic error code. And maybe it’s the reason why you are reading this post.
It’s not that easy to find a solution to this problem, but I found it thanks to Up and Ready and want to share it with you.

The problem

Windows tells you that the application was unable to start. You can try a hundred times, but the error does not solve itself magically, because it’s not casual. The problem is that the ddl that launches the application is unsigned or digitally no longer valid. And it’s not up to you, maybe you just downloaded the program from the official site.

The solution

To solve the Application Error you need an advanced Windows Sysinternals Tool called Autoruns for Windows. You can download it from the official website.

Windows Application Error Autoruns AppInit

Click on the image to view it full size.

Extract the archive you downloaded, launch autoruns.exe and go to the AppInit tab, which will list all the dll that are unsigned or digitally no longer valid on you computer. Right click each of them, one at a time, go to Properties and rename them. After renaming each of them, try launching the application again to find the problematic dll.

If the previous method didn’t solve the application error, right click on the following entry:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindowsAppInit_Dlls

and click on Jump to entry…

Windows Application Error System Registry Editor

A new window opens: it’s the System Registry Editor. Double click LoadAppInit_DLLs and change the value from 1 to 0. Click OK to confirm and exit. Now launch the compromised program and it’ll start.

Note: some applications may change that value back to 1 after they get launched!

CC BY-SA 4.0 Windows: How to Solve Application Error 0xc0000142 and 0xc0000005 by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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  • Atul

    error 0xc000007b keeps on appearing on the screen.PLEASE HELP

  • TFGamer

    I tried running Transformers Fall of Cybertron but it shows error. When I opened the autorun, the AppInit had nothing in it. I’m using Windows 10. Please help

  • Ecane

    Thanks a lot dear guy
    very useful

  • Divo

    why my autoruns appint didn’t show anything
    i have this problem when paly civilization 5 on windows 8
    when i use compatibility mode, the game not show anythings
    please help me

    • deshack

      Are you able to run it without compatibility mode?

      • Divo

        no, it shows error 0xc0000142 when i run it without compatibility mode

  • Nafis kabbo

    i have problem (error 0xc0000142) with net.exe. So what to do with net.exe? I need a soluton.

  • Technicide

    Alright, I don’t know if this forum is still active, but I’m trying to run BioShock Infinite on Windows 10 64 Bit and I get this error. When I right click the dll files, “properties” doesn’t show up. Also, when I tried changing LoadAppDLLs, it was already on zero. I changed it to one and back, but still nothing. Anybody else have a similar problem?

  • Bacha

    Hi.. I can’t acces to properties of the entries..Please help me

    • Bacha

      I can’t rename

      • deshack

        Hi, you don’t need to rename anything, just change the value. Autoruns lets you do just that.

        • RISHABH

          i changed the value to 0 but still not working (for pes 16)
          wht to now plz help?????

          • deshack

            As far as I can see from the comments below, very few people solved the problem with PES 16 thanks to this tutorial, I’m sorry.
            However, did you try to reinstall it?

  • zach

    i cant open autorun because of the error. how do i do this?

    • deshack

      Autorun too? Try reinstalling it, there’s a chance it solves the error, at least for autorun.

  • Sanield

    Hey, my value was already set to 0. I changed it to 1, but there was no solution still. wat’s is going on?

  • Maxwell

    Please after installing the pte patch 5.0 my game doesn’t start. I need help on that

    • deshack

      Hi, please find the solution right here in the post or in the comments.

      • Aravindhan.P

        i downloaded the sysinternal app but when i went into the appinit tab no programs are displayed..what should i do

        • gary

          after opening appinit, click on options above and cross the hide empty locations and hide windows entry… and then they will displayed

  • om awasthi

    first i open the autorun than i click to aap init tab than i see the app init tab was blank there was no think than i try the anothor solution that didnt work
    pleasee help me

    • deshack

      Hi, did you try to simply reinstall the program?

  • san

    thank you!!!

  • hrithik

    I also tried that but age of mythology extended edition still doesn’t work show the error

    • ishay

      me too this is crappppppppppppppppppppppp
      i wannaaa play my childhood game!!!=(

  • Geek421

    OK pretty Good stuffs here but I am ing this m in GTA San andreas , how to fix then❓
    And yeah don’t to reinstall it πŸ˜‘

    • deshack

      Hi, are you using Windows 7 or 8?

  • Abhy

    hey! trying to run PES 16 got the 0xc000142 so I error tried your method. strangely, the value of dll file was already 0! yet the problem persisted! please help as to what to do. also if some specific applications have to be downloaded let me know! thanks a lot!

    • deshack

      Hi, I suggest you to have a look at the comments, because a lot of users had problems with PES and solved in other ways.

  • Suzonn

    mine computer isnt starting age of empire plz…help me

  • maverick

    i have problem eith PES2016 SAYING (error 0xc0000142).PLEASE HELP. i’m using windows 7.

  • satwik

    sir how to fix spider man web of shadows launcher application error

    • deshack

      Hi, try the solution explained in the post, if it does not work try reinstalling the game or have a look the comments from other readers.

  • Sonny

    Hmmm when i opened appInit i didnt have there anything …. what now ?

    • deshack

      What application gives you this error? And what version of Windows?

      • Sonny

        Its ranked gaming client ” for dota ” Windows 8.1 – 64 bit
        and thanks for reply i tried now xxx possibilities and nothing works …

        • deshack

          Did you try reinstalling the application?

          • Sonny

            Ofc i reinstaled the app , i rr my pc , i turned off my anti virus and firwall , I tried your sollution and many other things … but its only that program ” ” and i used it xxx times nothing like this happened before . and this thing only happened today after i rr my pc … So yeah i am sitting here now a few hours and hoping to find solution πŸ˜€

        • lol

          me also has same problem but we can fix this by installing latest c++ redistribute 2015 update 1



  • Syaukani

    Hello deshak,when i open appinit tab,it doesnt show anything.I’m using windows 7

    Can you help me please

    • deshack

      Hi, can you tell me what program gives you this error?

      • Syaukani

        PES 2016

        • deshack

          Ok, so have a look at the comments, because others said that what explained in the post doesn’t work for PES, but at the same time provided other solutions.

  • Charles J.

    No, does not run this way, reinstalled Windows 4 times and it did not help. So im now running my Games under Ubuntu Linux using wine, not really good if it comes to performance but at least it does run without giving this 0000142 error.

    • deshack

      Using Linux is the ultimate solution man!

  • HerroSkylar

    Didn’t work :'( It the error is still there for some where reason..

    • deshack

      Sorry about that, but have a look at the comments!

  • arek

    Hi, my os is Windows 7, none of the above mentioned method worked so therefore I describe what I’ve done in order to install Autocad electrical.
    Firstly, I do not really know what is ThrustedInstaller but because of that user I couldn’t install/uninstall anything. So, when you are logged as an administrator then follow steps from the link below:

    Hope it’ll help, it worked in my case and finally I do not get a comment that some other installation is running in a background (when you become the owner of the System32 folder then you can easily abort processes in a task manager run by ThrustedInstaller like msiexec.exe)

  • A

    Cheers mate! it works fine for me.


    Dear Sir,

    I got an error OXCOO45200
    that window is not genuine
    when I use WAT FILE REMOVER
    than it show that file is already removed
    kindly help me out to solve my query

    waiting for your reply

    • deshack

      Did you already try the solution explained in this post?

  • arief

    still not working when i try to launch my game “DEADPOOL”.. oh nooo πŸ™ πŸ™ help me bro _ is there anathor trick?

    • deshack

      I’m sorry to tell you need to have a look at the comments, there are other suggestions πŸ˜‰

  • mermaid

    I am having some same issues as others – nothing is showing up in Applnit tab unless I include empty locations, but none of them are related to what I am trying to solve.

    The game itself that is causing this error is Roller Coaster Tycoon (LOL), which is such an old game. I am currently trying to run it on a PC with Windows 8 – haven’t made the jump to 10 yet.

    • deshack

      Windows 8 is indeed a problem: applications made with that OS version in mind don’t use the AppInitDLL mechanism as it is considered “insecure”.

      I can only suggest you to have a look at the comments where you can maybe find the solution that suits for you.

  • Ryan Caruso

    When I go to open autoruns.exe the second I open it, it says it isn’t responding and then closes. Can anyone help?

  • Justine91

    Thanks..My Auto Cad 2016 has finally recovered..I almost formatted my laptop…

  • Matt

    I was able to get Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear to run on Windows 10 with this trick! You sir, are my hero!

    • Carlos

      Hello Matt,

      I’m trying to run Rogue Spear too, but I’m having problems. Can you help me please??

      • deshack

        Hi Carlos, the solution explained here did not work for you?

  • Steve Knott

    Oh Deshack , dear Deshack

    What can i say ? i am simply overwhelmed, consummed by gratitude !

    no words…


    Steve Knott
    Professional WIldlife Photographer

  • Mohammad

    for the games a lot of times you have to turn the run as administrator chek box in the exe file properties section . a lot of games when you installed did,nt have that property by itself .
    and you just have to add that property for that game for the exe file…

    • ian paolo N. alminanza

      thanks bro you help me a lot i run properly the shadow of mordor in my laptop thanks again men…

  • Mohammad

    i had this problem too . but i just fixed it by right clicking on the exe file and choose properties and then go to compatibility tab and select windows xp sp3 for the software compatibility with windows xp in other operating systems like win7 or win 8 or any windows version uper than xp .
    you maybe have to test and choose other campatibility choices in that tab if din,t work . thanks friends …

  • hussain sarear6

    Hey dude i appericiate it you are doing a very good job and my problem is i have installed assassins creed unity and after updating its patch 1.4 it has started giving this error and i have tried this method by changing that 1 to 0 but it didn’t work please help

    • deshack

      if you’re running Windows 8 or newer, this method will most probably not work. Have a look at the comments below and see if other solutions explained work for you.

  • arjun

    hey my does not working because of this error. I can’t open or install just showing my desktops without any icon..and task manager also can’t be opened..please give me solution

    • deshack

      Hi, try lunching Windows in maintenance mode.

  • shant

    when i go into appinit there is nothing and i cant seem to find loadappinit.dll what should i do?? ( the game is mortal kombat x )

    • deshack

      What’s your Windows version?

      • Piotr

        I have that same issue. Im using windows 7 (application is batman: arkham asylum) if it helps I must say I did a hex code change to the exe so it could run a DLC; after doing the edit the problem arises. If I take back and use the original file the game launches properly.

        • deshack

          So probably it doesn’t like that change.

  • Nues

    Re: Hi there! I downloaded the autorun and installed it as directed above, clicked on the tab Appinit but there is nothing there. I use windows 7-Home Premium and i am trying to launch my Football Manager 2015 showing Application Error 0x0000142. What could i do or what could be the Problem. Thanks!

    • deshack

      Hi, have a look at the comments please. Other users found alternative solutions, see if one fits to your needs.

  • Nues

    Hi there! I downloaded the autorun and installed, clicked on the tab Appinit but there is nothing there. I use indows & Home Premium and i am trying to launch my Football Manager 2015 showing Application Error 0x0000142. What could i do or what could be the Problem. Thanks

  • naz92

    I have tried this method but it is no use for me. I do know the source of this error in my computer since really, I have only one program, a game to be precise, that can’t launch due to me applying the steam dll crack in it. I can play the game with the previous steam dll but it crashes not long in the game.

    Do you have any idea why? I saw that I’m only of few which has this problem.

    • deshack

      Well, in case of a crack this solution will most probably not work. And sorry, but I can’t suggest illegal ways of solve problems πŸ™‚

      • naz92

        Just tried it on another computer with Windows 7 and it works. I’m puzzled on why my laptop seems to reject playing it. Maybe it’s because of Windows 10?

        • deshack

          If it’s Windows 10, it should not use AppInit DLLs (starting from Windows 8).

          • adham

            i also have windows 10 and assasin’s creed black flag isnt working because of error (0xc000142)

          • deshack

            Did you try running it as administrator?

          • Anon2465657

            Running as administrator worked perfectly, thanks.

  • Hafeez ullah

    I clicked on apinit but there is nothing its empty…

    • Tetsuo Shima


  • Supertramp

    I did everything well, value is 0, it haven’t changed, but i still get error, i tried restart and value is 0 all time, i have windows 7 64bit and app is PES15. what to do?

    • deshack

      Hi Supertramp, have a look at The comments. Other people had problems with PES and some of them solved those issues following other methods. And, of course, let me know if you are able to let it work and how.

      • Vasantha Gowda

        Wow, It worked for me. Thanks.

  • neil reyes

    my laptops auto has an auto ahut down sequence then after the count down i got this error but my mouse freeze and cant even click the ok bar to terminate sa program,every time i start up my laptop its the same…im planning to reformat it but the auto shutdown + mouse freeze shots me. should i scrap my laptop or try to solve it?

    • deshack

      It depends on how old your laptop is. Maybe it’s some system process returning this error.

      Are you able to follow what explained in this post?

  • George

    It works, but every time i restart windows it “forgottens” it and i” have to do it all over again. What should i do to memorize it for more than a day ?

    • deshack

      Hi George,
      if you look at the note at the end of the post, you’ll see that some applications change that value at startup. Sadly, as far as I know there’s no solution for this.

  • Behnoor

    Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  • Murthy

    I tried above process… Download autorun app and rename files to 1, 2 … whatever and it worked THANKS…

  • Rabbani

    File not found : 0

    Under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Appinit_Dlls and HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Appinit_Dlls

    can’t found AppCerts on HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\AppCertDlls

    Please help!! Thank you



  • Dhana

    Thanks for the hack. I did everything that you said, and the value remain at 0. However, I still couldn’t start the program and still receiving error pop up

    • deshack

      As someone pointed out in the comments, try right clicking on the program icon and run it as administrator.

  • Aquila

    what do i do if the value keeps changing back. it use to permanantly solve it but now it keeps going back to 1
    AutoCAD Mech 2015 windows 7

    • deshack

      I know it’s a pain, but in this case you need to change it everytime, as this is just a hack.

  • Brian Murdock

    I’m using windows 8.1 and i just right clicked and ran the application as administrator

    • deshack

      Thanks Brian, this might be useful for others.

    • Sarah

      This worked out really well. Thanks

  • onion

    i tried u say . my computer show ( the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142) error . Please told me .
    what do it.

    • deshack

      It’s not that easy πŸ™‚
      Do you use Windows 8 or later?

  • Filip Sindberg

    Hi. I’ve tried to change the value from 1 to 0 but I still get the 0xc0000142 error. I have windows 7 64 bit

    • deshack

      With what program? Did you check if the value turned back to 1 or not?

  • Filip Sindberg

    Hi. what should I rename the files to?

    • deshack

      You don’t need to rename files, just change the value to 0 as explained.

      • Filip Sindberg

        I have tried all that but still the error appers. any other solutions?

        • deshack

          Have a look at the comments below, some people solved the problem in alternative ways. This is a hack, so it doesn’t work with every program, as far as I can see.

  • Aslam

    Please help. There are no files in appInit and when I go to the appinit_DLLs registery. I changed the value from nothing to 0 .. underneath it it said file not found. What do I do now?

    • deshack

      Are you using Windows8 or a previous version?

  • boeing186

    This definitely worked. I tried the second way and it’s now installing it all correctly, thanks!

  • Miyk

    Thnx bro. It worked for me. I was having problems launching Autocad.
    DLL Files Fixer did for 0xc0000005 & Autoruns did for 0xc0000142 (Y)

  • Rivo

    what i suppose to rename it ??

    • deshack

      You don’t have to rename anything, just change its value from 1 to 0.

  • Ibrahem ali

    i am use win 8.1 pro, and i am installing PES 2015 and the system requirements its very good for this game, will i open the game i face this problem 0xc0000142

    i am doing all things , but the problem its not solved

    • deshack

      If PES 2015 supports Win 8, it doesn’t make use of AppInit DLLs, so this guide doesn’t apply, I’m sorry.

      • RISHABH

        hey deshack im running pes 16 in windows 7 64 bit and i have tried changing the value but its still showing the 0xc0000142 error
        i have tried it all
        but when i go to the properties of pes 16 >then compabiltity mode .it does not show the option to run in windows 7 mode
        wht do i do now?????????????????????????

    • ahmed khaled

      ibrahem ali plz tell me if u solve this problem cause i have the same thing and i cant get it to start

  • Ibrahem ali

    i am use win 8.1 pro

    i am doing all things , but the problem its not solved

  • Michel Truchon

    I tried
    A new window opens: it’s the System Registry Editor. Double click LoadAppInit_DLLs and change the value from 1 to 0. Click OK to confirm and exit.
    However, the change is not registered. The value remains 1. As far as I can see, I have the authorization required to make the change. I logged as the administrator.
    Please, help.

    • deshack

      The value remains 1 or returns to be 1 after launching the application? See the note at the end of the post.

  • agon

    my LoadAppInit_DLLs is already 0 and the game is still not working. What do I do?

    • deshack

      Do you use Windows 7 or 8?

      • agon

        I use windows 7 professional 32 bit and this problem is only affecting one game. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

        • deshack

          Have a look at tj‘s comment, let’s see if that method solves your problem.

          And please, check PES 2015 system requirements.

          • agon

            That program didn’t fix it either and as about the requirements it’s everything cool. I can run the game and I used to run it but one day suddenly it stoped. I will try and re-install the game. Maybe it will work.

  • norb

    Thanks for the tutorial it worked for me. Autocad LT 2015 wouldn’t start no matter what.
    Changing LoadAppInitDLLs value to 0 did the trick. it’s running now.

  • Minion

    hey, how can I turn this? its not in a value “0”? its shows “C:\Windows\system32\nvinitx.dll ” instead. I’m using windows 7 btw

    • deshack

      You need to change the value of the LoadAppInitDLLs entry, not AppInitDLLs.

      • John

        Hi, I made the same mistake, I have Windows 7 and I accidentally changed AppInitDLLs to 0! Afterwards I changed LoadAppInitDLLs to 0 as well but I can’t figure out what the original value for AppInitDLLs was! Please help, I don’t want to mess up my computer.

        • deshack

          Hi John, I think reinstalling the program should reset the AppInitDLLs value.

          • Trans

            I’ve tried re-installing the program many times, and changed the value from 1 to 0 but the program still won’t run and there’s no value for AppInitDlls as well, what should I do for now ?

          • deshack

            Hi Trans, what program are you trying to start? And what’s your Windows version?

  • Itgelt

    Do u have team viewer i cant do this i need help please

    • deshack

      Yes, I do, but this would be considered commercial support πŸ™‚

  • Max

    Thank you!! This really solved the problem. I was trying to open Autodesk AutoCAD 2015. Problem solved!

  • Tamas

    hi deshack,
    i have problem (error 0xc0000142) when trying to download Win 4.5, we have the old XP version.
    even followed your workaround it is not running.
    do you have an idea how to resolve?
    thanks in advance!

    • deshack

      Try tj’s solution below and let us know!

      • Tamas

        Tried, but – even it seems to be useful and effective in general for our computer – issue remains the same. We will turn to the IT guys at the sw publisher (for which sw the Win 4.5 would be needed) or install sw to another laptop, with more up to date Windows.
        Thanks again and last but not least: Happy New Year to All! πŸ™‚

      • Theodore chatzianestis

        I have a problem as reference to the game far cry i4.i did an update and then it said this error0xc0000142 and it cannot there anything you can suggest?

        • deshack

          I can only suggest you to follow what explained in this article.

  • Thomas


    I’ve got the same issue, but with the Trend Micro SQL Migration Tool
    SQLTxfr.exe that has to run on a Windows 2012 R2 so we can migrate the Codebase database to MS SQL.

    Any ideas?


    • deshack

      Did you try the solution explained in this article?

  • Spuddy

    For me this error comes up when i shut down my pc. Very odd.

    • deshack

      I read this same behavior somewhere in a forum. After you receive this error message (related to cmd.exe, right?) you cannot stop the shutdown process, do you?

  • tj

    just download advanced systemcare 7 and let defrag you system
    solved it for me πŸ™‚

    • gary

      can u plz tell me how to use it

  • ali

    thanks it is very nice .
    god bless you

  • Abid

    Hi there! I’m having the same issue. I find nothing under the AppInit tab.. I have windows 7 home premium. I’m stuck with it since last 3 days, with no solution in sight!

    • deshack

      What’s the program you’re trying to use?

  • HenG


    i have the same problem as Anon, nothing shows up in the AppInit tab, I have cleared all filters, Autodesk Inventor 2014 is program that raised this issue.

    • deshack

      Hi HenG,
      are you running Windows 8 with Secure Boot enabled? In this case the AppInit_DLLs mechanism is disabled.
      Please install Autodesk Inventor 2014 Service Pack 1

      • anas

        Hi deshack,
        I have this problem , I am running windows 8 but I don’t know what do you mean by “secure boot enabled” .
        nothing shows up in the AppInit tab πŸ™
        I try to run Call of duty game
        please help.

        • deshack

          Basically, if an application supports Windows 8, it doesn’t use the AppInit_DLLs mechanism because it’s no more considered secure, therefore this solution cannot apply.
          So, first of all, check if your version of Call of Duty supports Windows 8, otherwise it won’t work.

  • Anon

    This isn’t working for me nothing shows up in the appinit tab unless i have ‘include empty locations’ filter on, no idea how to fix this error now πŸ™

    • deshack

      What kind of problem do you have? What program raised it?

      • Stefan

        I have same problem, when i go on AppInit,there is nothing…I have problem when i trying to start a game…

        • deshack

          If you are running Windows 8 and Secure Boot is enabled, then the AppInit_DLLs mechanism is disabled by default, so it cannot be the cause of your problem. If the program you’re trying to run worked sometime before, please tell me, otherwise it might be that it’s trying to use the AppInit_DLLs mechanism for DLL Injection, but it can’t.

          • elio

            i have problem (error 0xc0000142) with pro evolution soccer 2015 (nodvd exe for online) and i’ve AppInit tab empty

          • Richie

            my PC is window 7 64 bits, i have the same problem with anon. there’s nothing in the appInit.

  • suraj rihal

    thanks it is very helpfull

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