Valencia: new Theme for the Ubuntu Italy Website


This is the first of a series of posts that will follow the development of a new theme for the Ubuntu Italy website, named Valencia.

The ubuntu-it Website Team decided to update, redesign and review the content structure of the Italian LoCo Team website in the last community meeting, held in November 2013. We then spent some time creating various mockups. At first we decided to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to help building some pieces of design (grid, buttons and so on) and maybe for some awesome JavaScript plugins it comes with. Well, you know, I love Boorstrap!

Unfortunately, real life captured our free time. A couple of months later, I met rpadovani at the “Fiera del Radioamatore” in Pordenone, Italy, where ubuntu-it had a wonderful three-day presence (for a summary of what happened, read Riccardo’s post). He told me that Canonical published a Web Style Guide, while releasing a small but useful design kit.
This kit is inspired by Bootstrap, as the overall style and documentation show, and made of the flowing pieces:

  • compressed/uncompressed CSS
  • SASS sources
  • JavaScript built upon the YUI framework

Great news! A lot of work already done. So finally, a couple of days ago we started working on Valencia, the new theme for our Drupal website.

What’s next? We’ll go on developing and I’ll keep you up to date on this topic. We’re also going to release it for other LoCo teams to use. Just be patient, we’re looking forward to make a very good work!

CC BY-SA 4.0 Valencia: new Theme for the Ubuntu Italy Website by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Web Designer freelance, Ubuntu Member, Linux evangelist. Loves working on clear and minimal designs and wants to create beautiful things for different devices.

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