Mobile Apps: Not Just for Games Anymore

Mobile Apps

There was a time when mobile applications were geared towards entertainment to help pass the time. Mobile apps have come a long way over the past few years with apps that can change your life for the better. Apps can help improve your health, some can help you manage your money, and there are some that can help you manage your business more efficiently. Mobile apps are much more than just silly games, so take a look at some things apps can help you with in your life.


If you run your own business, you know things can be overwhelming sometimes. There are many great mobile apps designed to make running your business easier. Some business related apps can assist with:

  • Offering easy-to-use design options
  • Collecting activity reports
  • Scheduling email campaigns
  • Storing and sharing presentations
  • Scanning and uploading business card details
  • Assigning assignments to staff
  • Time tracking for employees
  • Invoicing

If you need a well-designed mobile app for your business, choose a company such as Y media Labs that will deliver a quality product.

Sleep Trackers

If you’ve ever wondered how well you really sleep at night, there’s an app for that. With a sleep tracker app, you’ll be able to get a better idea about your sleeping habits, how well you sleep, alertness levels, and monitoring the impact of sleep loss. Some sleep trackers have features such as motion-tracking, smart alarm, and a sound recorder that detects snoring and sleep talking. A lot of sleep tracker apps connect to your activity tracker and will also count your steps and show you how active you are during the day.

Money Management

Some people would like to be more organized with their money, but sometimes that’s easier said then done. Money management apps assist with keeping a balanced budget and staying on top of your finances. If you’re looking for the most organization, choose one that will sync all of your accounts including your 401k, bank account, mutual funds, and IRA. With these apps, you can get account totals, budget your money, transactions, and expenses.


Most people want to become more active to live a healthy life and there are numerous apps to assist with helping you get back on track. Fitness apps are great for people that need a little extra encouragement to walk extra steps or find easy-to-do workouts they can do at home. Certain apps allow you to log everything you eat during the day and calculate the amount of calories you’ve consumed. Other apps have very short workouts you can do each day that will easily fit into your schedule. Pair your favorite fitness apps with your activity tracker for a more detailed report of your overall fitness.


Navigation apps are great because you won’t be required to have a separate GPS system in your car anymore. GPS apps aren’t just good for driving: they also provide great assistance on hikes as well. GPS apps will give you directions, show you maps all over the world, and allow you to customize places you frequent often so you can access them quickly.

Business can ho a long way by staying on top of modern technology and popular apps. You can also organize your life with popular apps and determine the best ways to get healthier. Apps are more than just games these days, so browse your app store and find the best ones that fit into your lifestyle.

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