Melany WordPress Theme 0.5.17

Melany WordPress Theme

A new update of Melany WordPress Theme is now available. You should have received the notification already.

This patch (version number 0.5.17) introduces a number of small fixes:

  • Dropdowns’ width is now limited to its parent select element. If an option has a very long text, the dropdown shows an horizontal scroll bar. This doesn’t affect dropdown menus;
  • Fixed sub-menu background color on rollover for small screen sizes, thus giving a more consistent design;
  • Improved support for Google Rich Snippets.

Along with this changes, we updated the theme description, which now gives much more informations, and changed the license from Affero GNU General Public License to GNU General Public License v3, which is fully compatible with WordPress’ license.

As always you can get involved in Melany’s development through GitHub and download its latest stable release from

Melany on View on

GitHub View on GitHub

CC BY-SA 4.0 Melany WordPress Theme 0.5.17 by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Web Designer freelance, Ubuntu Member, Linux evangelist. Loves working on clear and minimal designs and wants to create beautiful things for different devices.

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  • jefferson

    Hi I am using your theme. I am just wondering why I wouldn’t be able to click on my parent menu item.

    • deshack

      This is due to Twitter Bootstrap itself, which toggles dropdown menus on click.
      Therefore you cannot link to another page in the menu toggle item. In fact, the Bootstrap Walker used in Melany replaces the href attribute of dropdown toggles with #, otherwise it would break the menu.

      The solution here is not to link to any page in dropdown toggles (parent menu items).

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