Melany WordPress Theme 0.5.14 RC3

Melany WordPress Theme

Hi everybody out there, I’m here to talk about a new pre-release of Melany, my beloved WordPress Theme.

This is a huge release as it includes quite a lot of fixes and aims to be the last Release Candidate before the long awaited stable release. I think that Melany is now ready for a stable release because we inspected it a lot, worked on it with attention and did a great work, although I don’t want to call it stable until it gets accepted in the Theme Directory of

Before diving into the details of this release, let me give some credits to the contributors who helped reaching this level:

  • Mirko Pizii (aka hallino1), who wrote the function to truncate the site name in the header, if it’s too long (to avoid it breaking the layout);
  • Salvatore Palma (aka totopalma), who fixed some validation issues.

In addition to this, today Yemista ranked the Best WordPress Themes Developed in 2013 for Small Business, and included Melany, so thank you very much, it’s great when your work is appreciated by others.

Another note: as for now, Melany is HTML validated according to W3C standards, fact that’s not so common between WordPress Themes.

Have a look at the fixes included in this Release Candidate:

  • Removed Social Icons (this is plugins’ territory);
  • Removed Infinite Scroll option (may be re-introduced later);
  • Rewritten pagination (had critical issues);
  • Fixed pingbacks’ style;
  • Added Twitter Bootstrap support to all select tags;
  • Added active status to menu entries;
  • Added site name in the right column, while too long site names get truncated in the header (to avoid it breaking the layout – credit to hallino1);
  • Site name, logo and description (in the right column) have been put in the header (it’s just a matter of code, you don’t really see it, but Google does);
  • Various code fixes;
  • Fixes related to some browsers (Google Chrome in primis);
  • Fixed HTML validation errors (credit to totopalma);
  • Other bug fixes.


GitHub Melany v0.5.14-rc3

CC BY-SA 4.0 Melany WordPress Theme 0.5.14 RC3 by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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