Going multilingual: welcome Italian!

Tricolore Italiano

Those of you who follow this blog since some time know for sure that the preferred language is English (a little number of posts in the early stages are an exception). Things are changing though. It’s not that difficult to understand: if you go on it.deshack.net you can see this website in Italian. I’ve been thinking about giving a […]

Roboval 2013: robotics for you

Today I’ve been in Grezzana, Verona, Italy to visit a robotics fair, Roboval. This one was the second edition, but the event organized by Innoval needs some attention. When I arrived in the afternoon, there were a lot of people. This means that the event is going to grow well. I went there with Giulio […]

A snowy Easter Monday

Let’s start writing some posts in English to let my english followers understand what I write here in my blog. I want to begin with something idle, talking about…yesterday. However I promise I’ll write about something useful sometime, don’t worry! After spending the day with my family, Sunday (Easter) evening I went to Asiago with […]