FOSS Activities: May 2013

FOSS Activities

May’s been a hard month for me and this month will be even harder. But that’s not the point. I did a lot of things in the last month and it’s time to talk about them as part of my monthly reports. Let’s go through my FOSS Activities in a chronological order.

First of all, on the 2nd of May I did a talk about UEFI and Secure Boot, and their consequences on Linux users. I talked about it during one of the weekly meetings of 2viLUG, the Linux User Group I belong to. There weren’t many people participating, but it’s good enough, because we founded 2viLUG in October 2012, so only few people know we exist.
I’d like to thank Matthew Garret because of the useful informations about that matter, and Andrea Colangelo for the slides I built my speech on – you can download them here.

Let me add a side note here: the day after I went to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3. What a great film! I strongly recommend watching it.

These days we in Ubuntu Italy were all excited and busy because of the upcoming Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Italy 2013 (DUCC-IT) – a great success, I’ll write about it later.

On Tuesday 14th I was involved into another activity with 2viLUG, a talk and discussion about Ubuntu Community. This discussion took place as part of an event called “Eticamente (Ethically), here in Dueville, Vicenza, Italy. I already wrote a brief post about it.
I wanted to show why Open Source Communities are good virtual “places” in which people from all over the world collaborate to build something, as opposed to Social Networks which – in people’s mind – are completely unuseful and damage teenagers’ lives – which is true in some cases, but that’s people’s fault. You can see the slides here – forgive me if they’re too simplistic, but I had to talk with non-involved people.


After a month of quietness, Alessio “dottorblaster” Biancalana and I found the time to record the 11th episode of FOSSpod, which was a success like many others. I really appreciate listeners’ involvement into our project, that’s why we love doing live dates. And I think I can talk for dottorbaster too: we love all of you, really. Apart from that, you can find show notes, feeds (RSS and iTunes), and listen to our episodes on JustInTech network.

I’m now involved into a project that aims to become big, if it really starts. I cannot say much more here right now, but I hope everything will be fine, because I’m spending a lot of time for it. But we’ll see. The only problem is that during June it’ll be very difficult for me to be active on FOSS projects, because this work and the approaching exams at the University require a lot of time. Anyway, I’ll come back! The most positive thing is that I’m finally diving into Ruby on Rails, which is very handy.


Last but not least, the DUCC-IT. I’ve worked a lot to get all things ready before the conference, although I couldn’t help people in loco because of Fermo not being so close to where I live. As I said before, it’s been great. An experience like this will remain in my memories for long. At first I’d like to thank all those people who spent a lot of time – night and day – organizing it.

The Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Italy 2013 took place on 1-2 June in Fermo, a beautiful city – I’ve never been there before. The owner of the B&B in which I spent the night told me that he was surprised to see all those activity there, and that’s a great goal for our communities: we’ve been able to enliven a semi-dead city!

Ok, let’s be serious. On Saturday morning we had the time to deal with community matters. I talked about the renewal of the Ubuntu-it Press Team of which I am a leader since February 2013. We did a great effort to make it work again as needed and we’ve still much to do, but I’m glad for the goals reached until now. As always, you can have a look at my slides (PDF or ODP).

I can’t spend too much lines here talking about what happened, maybe I’ll write another post soon.

At the end of this report I must say that Melany, my WordPress Theme that reached version 0.5, will hang for some time, because – as already stated – I have other priorities now. If you want to contribute, feel free to do it through GitHub. If you want to buy me a coffee, I’d really appreciate – just contact me.

CC BY-SA 4.0 FOSS Activities: May 2013 by Mattia Migliorini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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