About Mattia Migliorini ‘deshack’

Mattia Migliorini 'deshack'

Hi, I’m Mattia Migliorini, sometimes called deshack, and I am one of those nocturnal, mythologic and legendary creatures called geeks. Although many people think they’ve extinguished, many of them are still alive and merge themselves between common people, while others hide themselves behind strange machines which transform them into a perfect sequence of electrical pulses. In conclusion theese geeks – and I – are like the Masons: they rule the world even if the mere mortals don’t know. And I am one of them.

Ok, that was a necessary introduction, but it’s time to talk about me. As I already told you, I am a geek and I really love taking a computer, test it, change its original UI into a dark one (you know, in the middle of the night you don’t like bright colors) and make it do what I want. Sometimes I talk with computers and the best thing is that they answer me, although sometimes they are not so polite.

Education and work

Aside from ruling the world, I study Computer Science at the University of Padova, I’m a Web Designer freelance and an editor at Engeene, where I write about Google Chrome and Canonical. That’s not the end. I am a proud member of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Italy, in which I contribute to the Translators Team, I am a Press Team Leader and member of the Website Team. Someone think it’s too much…Anyway, you can find more informations about what I do for Ubuntu in the Wiki.
Let’s go further. I love Linux and FOSS and I am a founder of 2viLUG, the Linux User Group of Dueville, the town where I live.
Last but not least, Alessio “dottorblaster” Biancalana and I founded the first italian podcast that talks about free and open source software: FOSSpod.

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