Tips For Updating Your Website


Many people underestimate the importance of updating their website. Keeping a fresh new look, implementing new user interfaces, keeping fresh content, and a few other tips can get your website ready for the next years to come. Here are six things you can do right now to ensure that you are getting the most from […]

How to: Varnish listen port 80 with systemd

Varnish Cache

This simple tutorial guides you in the setup of Varnish Cache in order to make it work properly with systemd, on Debian Jessie for example. The Varnish documentation is pretty clear and easy to understand, even if you did not study the entire Debian Administrator Handbook. So you should easily come to the chapter of the official tutorial about putting Varnish on […]

Why choose Magento ecommerce software

Magento ecommerce

This is a guest post by Lisa Smith of Magento Extensions and introduces an infographic with some stats of the Magento ecommerce software marketshare along with 16 reasons why to choose it.   Facilitating unmatched web commerce success for enterprising businessmen, Magento has now captured a little more than a quarter of the ecommerce CMS market […]

Install Telegram for Linux as an application

Telegram for Linux

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that focus on security and speed. Its primary competitor is WhatsApp, which cares more about money than users’ privacy. Telegram is free, open source, and cares about the user. You can find a Telegram app for every mobile platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch too (unofficial). Thanks to […]

Pinterest for WordPress 1.0.1 speaks Lithuanian

Pinit Pinterest per WordPress

After a very long wait, I recently released Pinterest for WordPress 1.0, which was a great improvement over the previous 0.3 version in that its code had been completely rewritten, the three separate widgets merged into one, and shortcodes were introduced, allowing you to put Pinterest widgets in posts and pages. Read Pinterest for WordPress […]